Treating Customers Fairly

The essence of all we do is based on love and care. With fair, compassionate services, we ensure customers are treated with the same consideration we would give ourselves. We attach particular importance to the rights and interests the underprivileged, elderly, or new immigrants, aiming to exceed customer expectations by providing more high-quality, innovative, diversified services for policyholders.

Healthcare Services
Exclusive Medical Services

With aging populations on the rise, we have made a conscious effort to build ties with regional medical institutions. This allows us to direct policyholders to nearby providers for everything from initial diagnosis to treatment and any other quality, integrated, exclusive medical services.

KFSYSCC Outpatient Services

When visiting the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center (KFSYCC), policyholders (the insured) with an elite membership pay a reduced deductible.

Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, and Consultation

In the event of suspected cancer, our long-term relationship with the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center (KFSYSCC) allows us to arrange a referral so you can receive a professional second opinion to confirm the diagnosis, treatment options, and recommendations.

Advance Settlements

It used to be that policyholders had to wait to be discharged before they could compile medical certificates, diagnosis reports, receipts, and other documents needed to submit a claim. However, we understand you may have medical expenses to pay while in the process of undergoing treatment. With this need in mind, we offer advance settlements. If eligible, you can submit a claim before concluding treatment regimes, and once approved, you can receive a substantial payout of up to NT$60,000.

Our Policyholder Newsletter

Communication with policyholders is of great important to us. Our long-published newsletter has sections such as: Latest News, Trending Issues, Financial Management, Wellness, and Love and Sharing. Delivered to your inbox monthly, this newsletter keeps the lines of communication open in an efficient, eco-friendly manner.

First Dementia-Friendly Insurance Company

With dementia a growing crisis in our aging society, we have taken the lead to offer dementia-specific spillover policies and continuously collaborated with the Taiwan Alzheimer's Disease Association (TADA) in their dementia advocacy work. Dementia awareness sessions and training are offered to all of our staff and even our agencies. As the first insurance company to be featured on the TADA's map of dementia-friendly businesses, we strive to provide comprehensive services for those in need.

In addition to our internal efforts, we have worked with the TADA to develop and design a Keep-in-Touch keychain featuring a built-in emergency contact card to help prevent missing incidents involving people living with dementia.

Emergency Services
Disaster Relief Advance Settlements

We offer accelerated claims settlements in the event of injury or death caused by a typhoon or major disaster. After confirming the insured incident, we prioritize the processing of related benefits without the beneficiary needing to submit a claim.

Express Claims Counter

We sincerely understand emergencies are stressful and want to help you through tough times. To this end, we have launched over-the-counter express claims services at six major customer service centers in Taiwan. If you have a general medical insurance policy that has been effective or reinstated for at least two years and the claim payment is NTD$ 30,000 or less, all you need is the required documentation and your claim can be processed in 30 minutes. Once processed, you can even receive payment on the same day, and if the receiving bank is a part of our Enhanced Automated Clearing House (eACH), transfers can be made within 30 seconds of the claim being approved. Life insurance plays such an important role in emergency relief, so we know settlements are more than merely a number. With us, settlements are a part of our caring, compassionate services.

Emergency Relief

We provide six major services to help disaster-affected policyholders go through challenging times, including express claims, advance payments for hospitalization, premium grace periods, preferential policy loans, mortgage assistance, and adjustable travel insurance.

Overseas Emergency Services
If policyholders are in urgent need of assistance in areas other than Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, or Matzu, they can directly contact overseas emergency centers for immediate services.