Treating Customers Fairly


KGI Life aspires to forge a corporate culture in which every employee treats customers fairly with a caring attitude and a service mindset focused on fairness and empathy. That commitment extends to understanding and caring for vulnerable customers and creating ever better services for all financial consumers so that their rights and interests are fully protected.

Customer Service Commitments



Customer Service

Our Service Commitments



  • We guarantee that all potential customers have equal rights to insurance and that we handle all underwriting assessments with the greatest care.

  • We use digital technology to help customers expedite the process of getting insured through mobile devices.



  • We take the initiative to assist customers in completing applications for unclaimed benefits they are eligible for, fulfilling our insurance contract obligations to policyholders.

  • For customers who suffer major disasters or accidents, we will immediately initiate various assistance measures and help the affected policyholder get through the difficult times.

  • If we do not receive a policyholder’s premium payment by the due date, we send a reminder notice to the customer by registered mail 30 days after the due date and send a text notification to make customers aware of their rights and interests.

  • A notice of the customer’s reinstatement rights is sent in the 20th month after a policy is suspended; early on, in the fourth month after the suspension date, we use text messages, emails and other methods to send reminders to sustain policyholders’ rights.

Claims Services

  • When a policyholder files a claim, we send text notifications when the claim is received and again when it has been settled, keeping the customer up to date on the claims process in real time.

  • For medical insurance claims that meet specific conditions, customers can apply for an advance payment of up to NT$60,000 for a hospital bill while still in the hospital without having to provide a doctor’s certificate

Customer Service Center

Counter Services

  • Policyholders who successfully make an appointment to get service through our toll-free 0800 hotline can go to the designated customer service center to take care of their business without having to wait on line.

  • For medical insurance cases that meet the criteria for “Expedited Counter Claims Services,” the customer service center will complete the claim review and settlement within as quickly as 30 minutes.

  • We have set up a “Friendly Service Counter” staffed by customer service representatives specially trained to serve vulnerable customers, including people with disabilities.

Toll-free Customer

Service Hotline

  • We strive to satisfy each policyholder’s needs in a single phone call.

  • For requests that require follow-up handling, we notify the department responsible within one working day. If a longer period of time is needed to handle the situation, we let the customer know and assure them that their request is being processed.

  • We have established a friendly financial services hotline staffed by customer service representatives specially trained to serve the elderly and people with disabilities.

Home Delivery of


  • We provide home pickup and delivery services for documents for customers who are elderly or have disabilities.

  • We handle service requests within two working days after receiving the request.

Website Message,

Service Mailbox

  • We will reply and explain how the case will be handled within one working day after the message has been left on the website.

  • For requests that require follow-up handling, we notify the department responsible within one working day. If a longer period of time is needed to handle the situation, we let the customer know and assure them that their request is being processed.

Complaint Handling

  • We value customer feedback, and get back to the customer within one working day after an opinion or complaint has been received.

  • We remain fair and objective when handling a complaint, and notify the customer of any progress in reviewing the complaint and the result as quickly as possible.  If a case is particularly complicated or requires a more in-depth investigation and cannot be resolved within 30 days, we will remain in touch with the customer and keep them up to date on what is happening until the matter is settled.

Diversified Communication Channels

1.We are committed to providing customers with the most accurate information in real time, whether related to descriptions of policies or new contracts or after-sales service.

2.Customers can choose from among a wide range of communication channels to obtain information or get timely service.

Toll-free customers service hotline0800-098-889
Special financial services hotline0809-006-868
Mailing addressKGI Life Dunhua N. Rd. No.135, Fl.3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, Songshan District, Taipei (105)

3.The information we provide is clear, transparent, and accurate, and enables customers to get appropriate notifications before, during, and after a sale is made.


4.We always listen to the voices of our customers, and adjust and improve our products and services based on feedback obtained in regular customer surveys.


5.We provide diverse channels through which complaints can be made, and a sound process and mechanism for handling complaints is in place. Complaints are reviewed in a timely manner fairly and objectively, and we try to find solutions from the customer’s viewpoint. If the outcome of the process falls short of the customer’s expectations, the customer can file an appeal with the Financial Ombudsman Institution.

Treating Customers Fairly Principles

1.KGI Life’s board of directors has established a “Treating Customers Fairly Committee” to ensure that the company’s products and services encompass and reflect Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) principles. The committee is responsible for helping the board promote TCF-related initiatives. At the same time, the TCF principles are being internalized into a core value of KGI Life through a “plan-do-monitor-optimize” cycle.

2.We have established a “Treating Customers Fairly Policy and Strategy” and “Treating Customers Fairly Implementation Rules” to be followed in our operations. They ensure that financial consumers are treated fairly and reasonably at every stage of the process in financial product and service transactions.

3.We closely follow ten Treating Customers Fairly principles, as follows, to protect financial consumers and fulfill our corporate social responsibility:


  • principle of contract fairness and good faith

    Contracts for financial products and services established with consumers shall be based on the principles of fairness, reasonableness, equality, reciprocity, and good faith

  • principle of duty of care and loyalty

    When providing goods or services to financial consumers, the due care of a good administrator should be exercised, and, depending on the nature of the product or service, the duty of loyalty shall be borne in line with applicable laws and regulations or contractual agreements

  • principle of truth in advertising and solicitation

    When advertising, soliciting consumers, or conducting promotional activities, the company shall not spread falsehoods or engage in deception, concealment, or any other activity that may mislead another party and it shall ensure that the advertising content is true

  • principle of product or service suitability

    Before entering into a contract with a financial consumer for a product or service, the company shall fully understand the customer’s background to be sure that the product or service being sold is suitable for that customer

  • principle of informing the customer and disclosing key information

    Before a financial consumer enters into a contract for a product or service, the company shall use an appropriate method that the consumer can understand to explain and disclose important aspects and risks of the transaction being considered. If it involves the collection, processing and usage of personal information, the consumer shall be made fully aware of their rights related to personal information and the possible disadvantages of refusing to agree to the use of that information

  • principle of a balance between remuneration and performance

    When considering the remuneration system for sales people, the company should balance various factors, such as financial consumer rights, the risks that could be generated by the product or service being sold, the quality of solicitation, sales performance, and the timing of bonus payments

  • principle of protecting the right to file a complaint

    Procedures for handling customer complaints shall be established, and financial consumer complaints shall be actively handled based on those procedures

  • principle of professionalism of sales people

    Sales people shall have applicable qualifications required by law and undergo related training at regular intervals

  • principle of friendly service

    At all stages of providing goods and services, the company shall take into account the needs of the elderly, vulnerable and disabled groups; provide friendly services and ensure fair treatment of customers

  • principle of implementing ethical management

    The company shall drive corporate culture of ethical management from the top ; implement relevant measures and establish an effective internal control mechanism to prevent unethical behaviors

4. We encourage all employees who deal with customers, whether in an office or in the field, to share customers’ stories and relay their needs as well as suggest improvements and ways to optimize the customer experience. Having all of our people work together can help us fulfill our commitments to customers.

Financial Inclusion Measures

  1. We comply with the United Nations “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” in respecting and supporting people with disabilities and safeguarding their rights and interests as financial consumers.
  2. We refer to the “Guidance for firms on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers” issued by the United Kingdom’s financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, in caring for the needs of vulnerable customers, including those with disabilities. That covers designing products and services that guarantee that these customers experience outcomes as good as those for other customers.
  3. We strive to understand the needs of vulnerable customers, including those with disabilities, and make available appropriate communication channels and service approaches to uphold their rights and interests as financial consumers.
  4. We provide accessible facilities and a friendly branch environment, and provide intensive training to all employees to strengthen and refine the service offered to vulnerable customers, including those with disabilities.
  5. We carry out financial inclusion initiatives and incorporate service guidelines and special precautions for vulnerable customers, including those with disabilities, into employee training and related internal regulations.
  6. In support of customers who cannot conveniently use our regular website, we have established a special accessible webpage to empower them to understand their rights and interests as financial consumers and obtain insurance services that meet their needs.
  7. We have set up a toll-free friendly finance hotline that is staffed by representatives specially trained to serve vulnerable customers, including those with disabilities.
  8. We have joined a dementia-friendly community under the auspices of the Taiwan Alzheimer Disease Association. Through that initiative, we encourage our employees, including those working at our six major customer service centers and call centers, to complete dementia-related training, and have also mobilized all local offices around Taiwan to participate. As a dementia-friendly insurance company, we take the initiative in providing the most appropriate services to policyholders and their dependents.