Business Performance

Channel Development Strategy
We offer different products based on the unique characteristics of each channel, and we are also engaging in digital transformation and meet policyholders' needs regarding protection, healthcare, investment, and asset allocation through different channels.
Agency channel
In the implementation of agency channel transition and organizational restructuring, our business strategies focus on three themes: sales performance, organization, and digital development. Goals include increasing the sale of high value products, organizational transition, promotion training, and digital empowerment, in order to continue growing and creating sales growth.
Financial Performance Indicators
Despite the turmoil in the global financial market and the challenges posed by sustainability risks, climate change, and the pandemic, our company has delivered an impressive performance in business expansion, profitability, and asset quality. Based on the principle of stable operation, we have developed a variety of products to meet the needs of different groups. As a result, our overall business has continued to grow, and we have maintained a steady financial position while also giving consideration to the rights and interests of policyholders and shareholders. Our appropriate management of assets and liabilities and our moderate capital adequacy ratio have earned recognition from the competent authority.
Important financial performance indicators
as of 2022, NTD Millions
Total assets 2,347,085
Net profit after tax 13,159
Total premium 179,338
First-year premium 70,073
Total premium income from each type of insurance
as of 2022, NTD Millions
Life insurance 134,483
Accident insurance 4,029
Health insurance 23,109
Annuity insurance 17,717
Total 179,338