Green Operations

Electronic Service
As society places more emphasis on environment protection, consumer behavior and provision of financial products and services has changed. We continue to refine and simplify our operating procedures in different stages of our insurance policy life cycle to provide green and environmentally friendly service. We aim to achieve GHG reduction from paper, postal services, and transportation via digital marketing tools, electronic forms and service platforms, and digital management. In 2022, electronic services saved a total of 8.37 million sheets of paper, reducing approx. 150 tons of carbon emission.
Group insurance web service platform
Promote the group insurance web-based service platform, replacing paperwork with electronic services and processes, providing online application for employees' enrollment and surrenders of insurance policies, and allowing insured persons to inquire about their insurance coverage online.
Mobile enrollment APP
Promote mobile enrollment app services to lower the amount of paper used during the customer enrollment process. Customers can use the mobile enrollment app to conduct data review, lowering the need for electronic underwriting notification to address mistakes. This saves printing, delivery, scanning, filing, and inventory costs, achieving energy saving and carbon reduction.
Electronic Underwriting Notification
We formed an electronic contract operating procedure through different implementation phases. This helped sales agents and policyholders to respond to underwriting notifications using their mobile devices, enhancing effectiveness in processing underwriting notifications.
Electronic Insurance Policy
When enrolling in new contracts, policyholders may apply for electronic policy format which can be saved on a mobile device after verification from an independent third party institution. This enables easy access and protects the rights of policyholders, as well as prevents loss of physical insurance papers. We added electronic insurance contract clauses function, with QR code provided to allow policyholders to download their respective policy contract clauses.
Printed policies, notifications, documents were replaced with e-mails to reduce printing and postal resources. In addition, the electronic files were stored on the corporate website for search and inquiry from policyholders. This ensured that policyholders received relevant information in an effective and environmentally friendly manner.
The E-service platform allows policyholders to rapidly search and access policy details and policy endorsement services, effectively reducing inconvenient reliance on printed documents, and reducing GHG emissions from transportation.
Mobile App
By downloading the app and completing registration, policyholders can access common services such as accessing policy details, policy endorsements, investment position details, and certain withdraw functions.
Mobile Claim
To offer convenient, rapid, and quality claim services, we launched mobile claim services, helping service personnel and policyholders to rapidly apply for insurance claims and reduce GHG emission from printing and postal services. Moreover, underwriting personnel speed up processing through the platforms preview function.
Electronic Official Documents System
Previous official documents were paper printed and were drafted manually. Since we developed electronic official document system, we aim to increase administrative and time efficiency, increase operation quality, reduce employee burden, reduce printed paper and protect the environment.
Environment Management
In following our environment and energy management strategies, we continue to conduct GHG inventory reviews and have implemented environment and energy management systems. We adopt a systematic approach to achieve comprehensive environment-related resource management. Our "Environment Protection Committee" consists of 9 functional supervisor members and is responsible for compiling and amending the committee charter, our environment protection-related rules and regulations, as well as monitoring the results of our energy-saving and carbon reduction efforts, waste management, environmental hygiene, and environment protection measures. We continue to focus on green purchasing, climate change response, environment management, and energy-saving & carbon reduction as our three main sustainability promotion topics.
Environment-Friendly Monitoring
In order to minimize the impact on the environment during the construction period, we conduct quarterly environmental monitoring on air quality, noise and vibration, traffic flow, water discharge, and construction noise during the construction of the development project, as well as carry out tree preservation operations and submit them to the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPB) for inspection. The monitoring results are all in compliance with the standards, which effectively minimize the impact on the environment.
GHG Management
Since 2015, our head office and branch offices have conducted GHG inventory. For 2020, the inventory was expanded to include all branch offices, with all oversea offices included by 2022. 
Aside from expanding the inventory review, the scope of the inventory was enlarged in 2018 to include type 3, 4, 5, 6: petroleum, diesel, energy, waste, employee business trips, transportation of printing paper, maintenance and repair of leased printing machines, postal packages, postal receipts. We will continue to monitor inventory results, file relevant data to use as references for GHG.
Energy Use Management
Our head office relocated to the group’s HQ building in 2022, with ISO 50001 energy management system implemented to the used office floors. The system is a third-party verified system that can improve energy control measures, optimize activation, achieve energy saving and carbon reduction, ensuring effective energy use.
The solar power panels of the new HQ building are 100% self-developed and for self-use. The estimated amount of energy generated per year is 47,552 kWh. The solar panels were officially activated in June 2020 and as of the end of 2022, the total amount of green energy generated was 90,736 kWh. A total of 50 renewable energy certificates have been acquired from the T-REC (National Renewable Energy Certification Center).
To achieve our ESG development goals and align with the group's "net zero carbon emissions for its total portfolio by 2045" goals, we purchased green energy, with the costs distributed among the HQ building's tenants. This realization supports green purchasing and carbon emission management. The HQ building started providing green energy in December 2022, and we were allocated 103,575 kWh in green energy for 2022.