Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Our suppliers are divided into three main categories: "Office Supplies and Equipment," "Service," "Repair & Construction.' To realize sustainable development of its suppliers, we established "Supplier Regulations Governing Sustainable Supplier Management," and worked with partnering suppliers in abiding regulations concerning employee rights, human rights, health and hygiene, environment protection, ethical management regulations, stimulating sustainable development and achieving an economic, social and environmental balance.
Supplier evaluation
Supplier evaluation is a crucial part to a company's corporate sustainability risk assessment as it allows the Company to assess supplier's dedication to sustainability. For this reason, we hold evaluations of key suppliers every year and strengthens corporate sustainability initiatives and promotions. Based on "Regulations Governing Sustainable Supplier Management," the Company has established the "Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment and Self-Assessment Form." Suppliers are to conduct self-assessment based on the weight of four question categories ("Employee Rights and Human Rights" 25%, "Employee Health and Safety" 20%, "Environment Protection" 45%, "Corporate Social Responsibility"). The purchasing departments rate suppliers based on their evidence documents and review suppliers relevant policies and implementation status, ensuring a balance between environmental, social and governance development.
Performance Evaluation of Commissioned Organizations
To properly understand the service qualifications, quality, processing deadline, cooperation of the commissioned institution, the Company conducts an Internal Audit and Control Review & Satisfaction Survey at least once every year. The results are used as basis for supplier selection and contract renewal. In May 2022, training on commissioning external organizations was held. Performance evaluation of all commissioned external organizations was completed in September. Amongst them, 18 suppliers scored an average of 90.8 (100 being maximum). The Company will select suppliers as well as renew contracts with suppliers based on the evaluation results.
Repair and Construction Contractor Hazard Warning
Formulated the “Regulations Governing Contractor Safety and Environment Management” to strengthen safety and environment management, thereby increasing safety for all work items.
Protection of Personal Data
As respect to the rights of individuals involved and ensure that the collection, processing and use of personal data in purchasing is handled in honesty and integrity, all purchasing involving “collection, processing, and use of personal data” will require suppliers to sign a “Supplier Personal Data Capability Evaluation Form,” ensuring that supplier has the ability to safeguard personal data.
Green Purchasing
Selection of suppliers prioritizes those with excellent ESG performance and the Company purchases products with energy-saving and environmental labels (e.g., EcoStar computers, monitors, etc.), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) products, and vehicle suppliers of hybrid and electric vehicles to reduce environmental impact. The actual amount of green procurement in 2022 was $59.86 million, including information and photocopying paper, etc. For seven consecutive years, we have been awarded the Certificate of Appreciation for Promoting Green Procurement Programs by the Taipei City Environmental Protection Bureau, and we were awarded the Certificate of Appreciation for Promoting Green Procurement and Green Consumption by the Department of Environmental Protection of the Executive Yuan.
Buying Power
The "Buying Power Social Innovation Goodies and Services Procurement Award" was launched by the MOEA based on the Executive Yuan's "Social Innovation Action Project" in order to comply with achieve the UN's SDGs. We actively promote this policy to promote social innovation among vendors, share Buying Power Award info, while also encouraging vendors register for "Registered Social Innovation Organization Vender.“
We acquired support from long-term printing suppliers and uses renewable, non-toxic soy ink, FSC certified environmentally friendly paper; uses social innovative products to realize sustainability goals, and Company joined MOEA's Buying Power Social Innovation Goodies and Services Procurement. The Company was awarded the "Buying Power Social Innovation Goodies and Services Procurement Award" 1st place in 2022.