Sustainable Governance

Sustainable Governance Corporate Culture
We utilize our advantages and resources of our core business to link the UN SDGs to Taiwan‘s sustainable development goals, and align ourselves with global ESG trends, in order to show the spirit of sustainability and make a positive impact. We planned four sustainability development themes, Low Carbon Transition, Inclusive Finance, Sustainable Finance, and Corporate Governance Enhancement, in response to our parent company, China Development Financial Holding Corporation's ABCDE strategy.
Corporate Sustainability Governance Framework
We established the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee in 2014 and renamed it the Sustainable Development Committee in 2021. The committee is chaired by the chairman, and up to 50% of its members are directors. Aside from board members, the committee also consists of managers at the vice president level and above. We restructured the Sustainable Development Committee into a functional committee under the Board of Directors in March 2023 to enhance our supervisory and sustainability management functions. Our Company has launched innovative corporate sustainability programs from a broader perspective, displaying our determination to achieve sustainable development. Sustainable development is considered in business decisions and routine operations through supervision by the Board of Directors.

Sustainable Development Committee Structure
Sustainable Development Committee Responsibilities
  • Revise the Sustainable Development Policy and Sustainable Development Best Practices.
  • Determine the annual plan and strategic direction for sustainability development.
  • Approve sustainability projects and activity plans.
  • Monitor and review the implementation effectiveness of the annual plan, strategic direction, projects, and activity plans for sustainability development.
  • Periodically review sustainability reports.
  • Decide on other sustainability-related matters assigned by the board of directors.
Sustainable Development Milestones
Voluntarily published the first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report
Established the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Established a CSR section on the company website
Established an English version CSR section on the company website
Voluntarily complied with the UN PSI and PRI
Incorporated TCFD disclosures
Became a TCFD Supporter
Established the Responsible Investment Policy
Renamed the Corporate Sustainable Development Committee
Established baseline data for insurance service carbon footprint