Treating Customers Fairly

Diverse Customer Service

We are committed to the UN SDGs and the Fair Treatment Guidance by the UK FCA. We support the needs and rights of customers who are elderly, vulnerable, and/or living with disabilities through various channels and services.

First Braille Policy for the Visually Impaired
KGIL works with PAVI to be the first provider of Braille policy for the visually impaired. Policies are printed with Braille on the cover for the visually impaired to easily and conveniently identify and manage their own policies. In addition, policies come with Braille numbers for toll-free friendly service hotline and QR code for rights and interests descriptions. These designs guide the visually impaired to scan the QR code for voice description and help them understand their own rights and interests.
The First Dementia-Friendly Insurance Company
As the first dementia-friendly insurer, with the Taiwan Alzheimer's Disease Association (TADA), we've strengthened the social safety net with our Keep-in-Touch Keychain distributed to TADA and our service centers. The dedicated section on our website provides information in a friendly way.
The First Online Elder Academy
The Elder Academy covers financial knowledge and fraud safety, educating the elderly by using plain langage, large print, and comics.
Exclusive Disability Insurance
We provide friendly services for people with disabilities. To this end, we have launched the first insurance designed for the disabled community, the first product introduction in braille, the dedicated consultancy hotline, simplified underwriting procedures, home-visit claims services, and document deliveries.Audio Service Listen to our product descriptions by calling 0800-098-889 and press 3
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Accessible Value-Added Services
Accessible Value-Added Services DuoFu Care & Services / DuoFu Holidays / DuoFu Academy :

Whether you are in your golden years, have a family member with a disability, or use a wheelchair, we help those with limited mobility manage their transportation and travel needs. We have led the way in accessibilty by cooperating with Duofu Care and Service and DuoFu Holidays to provide special offers for professional, considerate accessible shuttle and travel services.

KGI Life’s care for policyholders has shifted from “post-event claims” to “physical and mental health promotion and prevention”. Taking the lead in collaborating with “Duofu Academy”, we offer a comprehensive range of courses, including fitness and brain health, to fully support our policyholders in achieving their goals for a healthy and joyful aging, moving towards a holistic happy life in terms of physical, mental, and financial well-being.


Arrange DuoFu Care & Services / DuoFu HolidaysDuoFu Academy

Let us know you are a policyholder or employee to enjoy discounts on Duofu Services.

Experience at Duofu Academy

We have taken the lead in collaborating with Duofu Academy to offer value-added services for physical and mental health promotion. Through a variety of courses including fitness, brain health, and financial knowledge, we aim to assist those who are preparing for retirement or are already retired, helping them achieve a life of happiness with both physical and mental well-being and financial security.


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