We have outlined four sustainability themes - Low Carbon Transition, Inclusive Finance, Sustainable Finance, and Corporate Governance Enhancement, with the aim to be the most recommended and trustworthy life insurance company.

The Group promises
by 2045
to reach net-zero carbon emissions for its portfolio
Ranked top 20%
for 5 years
in Treating Customers Fairly evaluation
Obtained the
ISO 14067
Insurance Service Carbon Footprint Certification
Obtained the
ISO 22301
Business Continuity Management Certification
A Message From the Chairman

International attention to sustainable development issues and the subsequent actions are being carried out at unprecedented speed and force. ESG is a key issue in decision-making for the insurance industry. Apart from the guidance provided by the competent authority for sustainable governance, more and more institutional investors, credit rating agencies, and financial institutions are attaching greater importance to ESG when making investment, rating, and trading decisions. Sustainable development goes beyond social responsibility, and is the key to sustainability of the economy and society. Companies with exceptional performance in sustainable development may generate stable profits in the long term. Insurance companies should maximize the effect of sustainable finance on the path to sustainable development and drive the transition of companies towards sustainability through investment and financing policies.

We have provided insurance services for six decades with the vision of becoming the “the most recommended and trustworthy life insurance company.” We strive to protect the interests and well-being of policyholders and continue to expand our social stabilizing force through our business management and constant improvement of insurance services. In addition, we have established a comprehensive sustainable governance framework, in which the Board of Directors and Corporate Sustainability Development Committee integrate and supervise sustainable development-related operations of each department, and introduce international sustainability concepts and actions of other countries.

We and our parent company, China Development Financial Holding Corporation, have jointly committed to net zero emissions, and we continue to improve measures for responsible investment, incorporating the impact of climate change into risk management and investment decisions. We periodically monitor the carbon emission of our investment portfolio, seek green investment opportunities, and strengthen engagement with investees. We completed insurance service carbon footprint inventory and obtained the ISO 14067 verification for our own business operations based on insurance policy life cycles in 2022. Inventory data is used as the basis for optimizing processes and strengthening digital transformation to reduce carbon footprint.

To further inclusive finance, we launched the "One policy one love, passing on hope and sharing love" campaign in 2022 and invited policyholders to get involved in charity. For each traditional insurance product purchased through an insurance agent, we donate NT$100 to the Maria Social Welfare Foundation, with our employees also making donations, becoming the epitome of the best interpretation of charity partnership. Furthermore, we collaborated with Chi Mei Medical Center, National Cheng Kung University Center for Research of E-life Digital Technology, Tokio Marine Newa Insurance, and World Gym in creating a cross-industry ecosystem that provides policyholders with better health management and financial services.

We have been repeatedly recognized by domestic and overseas authoritative institutions for managing climate change risks and seizing opportunities. We were jointly selected by Financial Times and Nikkei Asia as an "Asia-Pacific Climate leader" in 2022, and were the only insurance company in Greater China and Taiwan to be selected. We were recognized with Taiwan SIA for two consecutive years for implementing responsible investment. Our overall sustainability performance, as well as information disclosure and communication with stakeholders through different platforms, e.g. our Sustainability Report, has been recognized with the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) for many consecutive years. We were recognized by the competent authority for excellent performance in the "Treating Customers Fairly Evaluation" four times for our protection of consumers' rights and interests and optimization of financial services.

Sustainable development is key to economic and social sustainability. We strive to be a driving force for sustainable development and encourage sustainability innovation and transition. We actively work with different parties and form cross-industry alliances to create a sustainability ecosystem. Only by working together can we truly achieve sustainable development for society and future generations.

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Sustainability Report
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