Talent Cultivation

Talent Innovation Cultivation
Internship Program
The Company launched the Internship Program, and provided different internship opportunities for the summer, semester, and academic year, allowing students who are still in school or about to graduate to participate in work processes of a company before entering the workplace. The internship experience strengthens their professional competence and helps them understand the blueprint for their future career development. It also allows the Company to go into campuses and build bonds with students, communicate the Company‘s brand value, obtain the benefits of MAs, and give interns the opportunity to become YouLead candidates.
Industry-academia Collaboration Project
We aim to strengthen human capital, cultivate industrial talent, and fulfill its corporate social responsibility. We strengthen the technical and practical abilities of the younger generation through industry-academia collaboration mechanisms, and allow them to gain an understanding of the workplace at an earlier stage, so that they will enhance their professional competencies. We have signed industry-academia collaboration agreements with many outstanding public and private schools.
We provided guidance with respect to policyholder practices, corporate culture, and professional fields. We completed student internship monthly logs, student internship results reports, and student corporate performance evaluation forms according to schedule in coordination with schools, and many students were offered a job, aligning exceptional talent on campus with the FinTech industry.
MA Program

We launched a new 18-month YOUth LEADership Talent Training Program to seize talent, recruiting talent from all departments, divisions, and fields without any limit on the number of people recruited.

Tailor Individual Career Development Plans

ONE Personalized Development Plan
TWO 2 Weeks of Comprehensive Training
THREE 3E On-the-Job Training for Rapid Growth
FOUR 4 Core Values
FIVE 5 Rations in Terms of Expertise
Development of Office Staff

We planned courses on leadership and management, professional competencies, digital innovation, and diverse competencies, in order to meet employees' competency development needs and implement its talent cultivation and training blueprint. We combined internal and external courses with digital learning platform resources to build a complete training system for increasing talent for different level positions.

  • Leadership and Management:A variety of leadership training topics are introduced for different job levels and strengthen the leadership ability of supervisors, so that they can lead teams to achieve goals
  • Professional Competency:Besides professional training in each field, we actively planned NPS courses to better meet customers' different needs, helping employees build the core value of being customer-centric and building a consensus on the corporate culture
  • Digital Innovation:Encourage employees to participate in internal and external courses and strengthen their digital and FinTech abilities, including big data, AI, cloud technology, ecosystem, information security, and InsurTech
  • Diversified Competencies - Soft Power: Offered nearly 50 core soft power training courses for over 10 topics
  • Diversified Competencies - Self-Learning: Introduced LinkedIn Learning to provide world class courses and the best personalized learning interface, so that employees continue to learn more extensively and further enhance the organization's competitiveness
Agent Recruitment and Development
We are increasing for the 4th consecutive year despite the pandemic to become the 4th largest life insurance agent team in Taiwan. We are actively expanding the scope of agent recruitment, and provide more diverse and complete subsidy projects based on the background of job applicants, including: Rising Star, Elite, Top 1,000, and Leadership projects. Whether it is graduates entering the workplace, people changing careers, or even sales experts from peers in the industry, the projects show our determination to cultivate talent.

We develop key skills and integrates professional competitiveness through the close connection between the Training Department, Agency Development Department Training Center, and offices, providing a complete and solid training system for agents to receive systematic training as they progress in their career, and steadily work towards fulfilling their dreams. Agent retention rate reached 86.6% in 2022, meaning that on average 86 out of 100 agents remained at the Company , showing that we have developed a complete and comprehensive talent training system from training, marketing, to organizational expansion, helping upgrade the agent team. We have become the number one choice of life insurance agents, and continue to work towards becoming the most recommended and trustworthy life insurance company.
We planned courses in eight directions related to the competencies of agents, including marketing, organizational development, administrative sales services, digital tools, and law courses. In addition to required courses on laws, we also provide comprehensive training courses on new product knowledge, digital tools, and required competencies for business development.
RFA Courses
We abide by the principles for treating customers fairly and continues to improve the professional competences for agents. To train comprehensive retirement financial planning personnel to assist the elderly and general consumers, we specially introduced RFA courses to achieve optimal asset allocation and financial planning through diverse financial products for retirement.
AI Coach
We developed the industry-first tool for the application of AI in talent recruitment, and utilizes i-Agent to integrate product marketing, talent recruitment, after-sale service, and performance tracking. We further collect data for analysis and application in channel development, and significantly increased the conversion rate and personnel business development time, improving the quality of organizational development and new businesses.
AI Product Training
We obtained the industry's first "AI product training" tool, using new technology to help employees become familiar with products and accelerate product sales. AI interaction mechanism– New product training lets agents interact with AI technology. The system provides personalized scores and recommendations based on the contents of responses. After completing training, direct supervisors examine training results and provide individual guidance or advanced exercises to shorten the time supervisors spend on training and testing, which further increases the productivity of new employees and supervisors.

According to statistics, the average productivity of agents that frequently use AI product training was 7% higher than other agents. The AI product training function can reduce the time spent by supervisors on basic training for agents. As a result, every supervisor can save 1.5 days of guidance time per month, which can be used on sales activities and business development instead.
Employee Diversity and Tolerance
We responded to the UN SDGs by implementing gender equality in the workplace, and were selected into the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI) from nearly 6,000 companies in 84 countries around the world. The GEI selects public companies with excellent performance in gender equality worldwide each year, and is an ESG indicator referenced by investors. Our female managers account for 48.88% of all managers. Female employees in non-managerial positions account for 65.87% of all employees, and the salaries of office staff and agents take into consideration individual education and experience, duties at work, and performance. Salaries do not vary due to gender, achieving gender equality. We achieved excellent performance the first time it participated, and was selected for 3 consecutive years in 2020 to 2022, taking action to create a workplace environment with gender equality with results recognized internationally.

Furthermore, we continue to hire persons with disabilities and ethnic minorities, and employees with disabilities enjoy the same benefits and opportunities as full-time employees. Besides giving persons with disabilities priority for certain job openings, we also provide accessible facilities in the work environment. We encourage employees with disabilities to continue making progress in their field of expertise, sign up for professional certifications required for their work, and enhance their competitiveness in the workplace. The number of employees with disabilities has increased each year over the past three years, in which 23% have worked for 1-5 years, 77% have worked for 6 years and above, and some have worked for 13, 14 years and above. Under the principle to put the right people in the right position, we actively provide certain job openings that give priority to indigenous people, and employ 43 indigenous employees as of the end of 2022.
Human Rights Protection
We strive to achieve equality in employment, to build a diverse team, and to create a workplace environment with respect, openness, tolerance, and free from harassment. We support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations Global Compact, and International Labor Organization, and established our human rights policy. We do not allow any form of illegal discrimination or infringement on human rights, and ensures that all employees are treated fairly and equally. Furthermore, we conduct human rights due diligence in coordination with the parent company China Development Financial Holding Corporation, in which China Development Financial Holding Corporation distributes a human rights due diligence questionnaire to all employees, surveying workplace diversity and equality, work-life balance, harmony between labor and management, healthy and safe workplace, and prohibiting the use of child labor and forced labor. The results of due diligence and implementation are disclosed each year to plan more complete care for employees.

With regard to the promotion of workplace safety and health, aside from complying with labor laws and regulations, we have created a workplace environment that is healthy, safe, sustainable, and comfortable, and actively show concern for employee health and manage abnormal workload, preventing excessive overtime. We periodically provide labor safety education, free employee health examinations, and on-site services by a physician, comprehensively caring for the physical and mental health of employees. We respect employees' right to organize and join various clubs, provide diverse communication mechanisms and platforms, smooth labor-management communication channels, and ensure harmonious labor-management relations to create a win-win situation.
Occupational Safety and Health Committee
We have three organizations: the Occupational Safety and Health Committee, the Occupational Safety and Health Management Unit; and the Workplace Violence Prevention and Disposal Team. These are composed of occupational safety and health business managers at all levels, occupational safety and health administrators, physicians, nurses and emergency personnel. These people carry out identification, planning, supervision, implementation, evaluation and improvement of safety and health affairs.
Occupational Safety and Health Monitoring and Management
With regard to workplace safety and environment monitoring, we periodically inspect and repair fire safety equipment in the workplace and reports building public safety inspections. We continue to carry out workplace equipment safety and health self-inspections, as well as environment monitoring once in the first and second half of the year to ensure the appropriateness of the operating environment. We established a self-defense fire safety team in response to contingencies, such as earthquake, fire accident, and emergency rescue, and actively work with and participate in the joint fire safety exercises or emergency evacuation drills held by building management units.
On-site Services Provided by Medical Personnel
To provide a comfortable and safe work environment, besides providing free blood pressure monitors at main service counters around Taiwan, we also installed automated external defibrillators (AED) at the head office, Taoyuan & Hsinchu Branch, Taichung Branch, Chiayi Branch, Tainan Branch, and Kaohsiung Branch, and continued to obtain the AED Safe Place Certification. We have qualified first aid personnel that received external training to provide first aid in workplaces, and also provided first aid kits and instruments to each workplace.

We hired 8 nurses for health promotion and hygiene guidance, prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses, to perform first aid, as well as promote infectious disease prevention and health through internal emails. We continued to organize 34 sessions of on-site health services provided by physicians from Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Linkou Branch, Asia University Hospital, Tainan Municipal Hospital, and Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. We signed a contract with a health management consulting company for nurses to provide onsite health services at five workplaces with 100-299 employees twice a month. Physicians from the consulting company provide on-site health services once every six months.