Treating Customers Fairly

One Policy, One Commitment

We are grateful to be able to learn from and live in this diverse society, while offering protection to those in need.

With each first step ahead making financial services more accessible and fair, we firmly believe a commitment from us is the best companion one could have. 


1. TCF Concept
Love and care is the essence of all we do. With fair, compassionate services, we ensure our customers are treated with the same consideration we would give to ourselves. Aiming to exceed customer expectations, we have built a company culture in which everyone is treated fairly. Furthermore, we hold training sessions to regularly improve our fair treatment practices, providing customers with high-quality comprehensive services that prioritize customers’ best interests.
2. TCF Policies

We have long upheld the core values of the life insurance industry. In order to protect our customers and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, we adhere to the ten TCF principles:


3. Guided by the Board of Directors

Under the guidance of KGIL’s Board of Directors, we ensure all of our products and services adhere to the TCF principles. These principles are also integrated into company culture through continuous cycles of planning → execution → supervision → optimization.


4. TCF Principles Implementation

By integrating TCF principles into our company culture, we are able to provide heartwarming services to our customers. Our Board of Directors and senior executives have led the way to promote and formulate “Policy for TCF Principles”, “Strategies for TCF Principles” and “Implementation Guidelines for TCF Principles”.
Everything from product design, advertising, solicitation, sales, contract execution, policyholder services, and our complaint handling process undergoes strict internal controls to ensure all products and services are compliant with relevant regulations for financial consumer protection. In this way, we strive to safeguard customers’ best interests while also maintaining customer satisfaction and providing attentive services.


5. Multiple Communication Channels
We value opportunities of communicating with customers, and listen to their voice at all times. To this end, we establish multiple complaint channels, set up a dedicated department, and developed comprehensive complaint handling procedures to quickly resolve customers’ problems.