Treating Customers Fairly

Recognized for “Treating Customers Fairly” for five years in a row
We are committed to customer centricity by ensuring customers’ rights and interests and optimizing financial services. Since 2019, our efforts in this area have been consistently recognized by the competent authorities, ranking in the top 25% of life insurance companies assessed by the FSC. Such an achievement has placed us as one of the very few life insurance companies to be recognized for treating customers fairly. We will maintain an innovative, forward-looking mindset to provide fair and compassionate services that make sure that customers are treated with the same consideration we would give ourselves. We aim to provide warm and considerate services and create happiness for our customers.
Recognized for “Financial Inclusion” and “Protection for the Elderly”, receiving three major awards
By fostering financial inclusion and treating customers fairly, we fulfill our social responsibilities, support the underprivileged, leverage insurance to contribute to social stability, and strive to provide more accessible financial services. We have took the initiative to expand existing social safety nets by making donations in the form of microinsurance issued to counties, cities, and social welfare groups, winning multiple awards, including nine consecutive awards for outstanding performance in the FSC’s microinsurance competition, an award for caring for people with disabilities, and the award for Excellent Performance in Insurance for the Elderly.