Digital Innovation

Digital Banking Strategy Blueprint
We have invested considerable resources into digital and data infrastructure to push forward accelerate digital in response to the trend of FinTech. We compiled a data-driven, experience first, comprehensive development strategy blueprint "2A2D, AI/Agile/Data/Digital Innovation," eliminating the stereotype of technology being cold, and using innovative technologies to provide services from the heart. We strive to become a representative life insurance company in the field of InsurTech.
Artificial Intelligence
AI Assistant

The AI assistant uses natural language processing ability combined with the experience of life insurance experts for sales agents to ask work-related questions. Furthermore, The AI assistant is able to provide information on policyholder services through the system API, allowing sales agents to provide customers with thoughtful services when appropriate. It also lowers the demand on manual services and improves the operating efficiency of sales personnel.

"Smile to Sign" Remote Insurance Enrollment Using Facial Recognition
We were the first to apply facial recognition technology in the insurance enrollment process, and combined innovative remote insurance enrollment with the most rigorous information security and personal data protection measures. We were the first in the industry to receive approval for implementation on a trial basis, and developed an AI-based identity verification mechanism, eliminating the constraints time and place restriction regarding of traditional insurance enrollment in person. This also reduced the consumption of paper and resources during transportation, leading the industry into a new era of using facial recognition for insurance enrollment.
i-Life APP
The "i-Life" app has an intuitive, simple, and clear interface to provide users with insurance and steward services for daily life, allowing policyholders to enjoy a life with our love. This platform links together insurance, health, healthcare, life, and technology, and is a convenient self-service platform that provides one-stop insurance services from customers‘ perspective. The platform has a friendly financial service section and also provides an accessible interface and voice recognition services under the policy to provide friendly financial services. The app obtained the app accessibility certification of Taipei Parents' Association for the Visually Impaired, making our first insurance company in Taiwan to obtain this professional certification, achieving the policy of friendly financial services by providing visually impaired people with friendlier services.
Promotion of an Agile Culture
Agile Culture
Facing the rapid changes in the overall industry environment, as well as breakthroughs in technology and business models, the experience of digital users is becoming growingly important. We established the Agile Academy to embed the agile culture into its corporate DNA, in order to rapidly respond to changes, more quickly deliver software, increase team productivity, optimize teamwork, improve software quality, and improve customer satisfaction.
Big Data
Big Data Marketing Label Database
We established a marketing label database that automatically organizes data on customer attributes, behavior, intentions, and interests, and detects customers' intentions towards specific products. We analyzed the text of interview data, broke down key information and included it in the customer label database and customer big data analysis market, which has grown to contain 1,500 feature information.
Precision Marketing List
We find customers who are more likely to repeatedly purchase products through big data analysis and machine learning model, and provide the list to sales personnel as a priority for marketing activities. We adopted the innovative approach of combining groups designed together with sales channels with machine learning, and used it to improve the interpretability and maintain the precision of the precision marketing list. This generated 11 lists and improved the sales performance of front-line agents.
Fraud Prevention in Claims
The claims fraud prevention system integrates claims related data and analyzes the features and conduct in cases where claims were rejected to provide a risk score and risk factors to front-line personnel, thereby improving review and investigation performance. We continued to optimize the model and not only doubled the warning rate, but also saved on software licensing fees by developing proprietary software.
Speedy Claims Jet Case
Machine learning is utilized to help claims personnel quickly review cases through claims application data, notification records, and insurance type information. This improves customers' experience and claims performance, and creates a win-win situation for policyholders, sales agents, and the Company.
Application of AI in Talent Recruitment
The application of AI in talent recruitment takes into consideration interaction records of sales agents during talent recruitment, the subjects being recruited, and attributes of sales agents, and uses machine learning to actively warn sales agents of bottlenecks they are about to encounter in the talent recruitment process, while providing a customized solution, achieving "automated diagnosis" and "AI solution." The model is optimized through self learning each iteration based on results of the solutions. New employees successfully recruited through the application of AI in talent recruitment accounted for 17% of all applicants.
Digital Innovation
Claims Alliance Chain 2.0
The Claims Alliance Chain utilizes the safety and convenience of blockchain technology. When a policyholder files a claim with any insurance company that is a member of the alliance chain and agrees to let the company send a push notification on the “InsurTech utilization and sharing platform,” the policyholder will be able to simultaneously file a claim with other insurance companies in the alliance chain that the policyholder has purchased a policy from. “Insurance claims e-pass” allows insurance companies to directly obtain medical documents from the hospital after obtaining further authorization from the policyholder. This saves policyholders from the inconvenience of submitting claims applications to different insurance companies and then applying for medical documents at the hospital.
Chi Mei Medical Center Fully Digital Claims
We created an ecosystem with strategic alliance partners that have an expertise in medicine, academics, technology, finance, and insurance to offer a new experience in terms of doctor-patient relationships and customer services. We linked the medical data of Chi Mei Medical Center through the digital platform of National Cheng Kung University, which effectively reduces the delay in claims caused by uploading photos of medical documents that are not clearly taken, optimizing the claims process by reducing manual operations and paper operations. The integrated claims service allows customers to enjoy the healthcare experience and innovative services brought by the combination of healthcare with technology and insurance.